Alpacas, Llamas and Camels

Key Local Threats

Barbers Pole Worm
Paralysis ticks
Liver disease
Neonatal death

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What can we do for you?

1. Develop your personal annual camelid care plan
2. Diagnosis and treatment of illness
3. Mortality investigation including post-mortem
4. Birthing and cria problems
5. Interpretation of worm egg counts
6. Vaccines and Drenches (including administration and small quantities)
7. Ring or surgical castration
8. Wound management
9. Tick paralysis treatment and prevention
10. Care of the livestock on your farm while you holiday

See other providers for:
• Shearing and foot trimming
• Dentistry
• Major surgery

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Our Mission

To enhance the health of local camelids and people by provision of:

1) Education
2) Locally relevant preventative care programs
3) Appropriate treatment options for common problems
4) Recommendation and sale of livestock or companion animal products considered safe for camelids