Dogs and Cats

Key Local Threats

Paralysis ticks
Firearms when stray
Intestinal Worms
Skin Disease
Dental disease
Poor food choices

What can we do for you?

Service the way you prefer. Dogs and cats can be seen either at your home/farm (depending on locality and triage) or at the clinic in Alstonville.
1. Puppy check ups
2. Microchipping (discounts for breeders/litters)
3. Vaccination (discounts for breeders/litters)
4. Diagnosis and treatment of illness, skin, ear and eye problems
5. Wound, lameness and arthritis management
6. Basic breeding services such as pregnancy testing, mismating management, hormonal testing
7. Male cat desexing
8. Nail trims and/or anal gland management
9. Competitively priced Nexgard, Bravecto and other products
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10. Competitive priced diets: Hills Science, Prime 100 and Royal Canin
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Use other providers for:
- Emergencies requiring life-saving intensive care
- Snake bites
- Dog desexing
- Female cat desexing
- Complex medical care needing hospitalisation
- Major surgery
- Dentistry
- Radiographs and ultrasound

More services

Our Mission

To enhance the health of local dogs, cats and people through the provision of:

1) Education
2) Locally relevant preventative care programs
3) Appropriate treatment options for common problems
4) Recommendation and sale of dog and cat products

Did you know?

Beacon Veterinary also offers:
1. Dog walking services
2. Dog or cat care when you are on holidays:
    A) Small dog care within our loving family home (by suitability screening)
    B) Dogs and cats cared for at your house or farm