Horses and Donkeys

Key Local Threats

Hendra Virus
Skin Disease
Further Information:

What can we do for you?

1. Develop your personal annual equine care plan
2. Diagnosis and treatment of illness, skin and eye problems
3. Wound and lameness management
4. Hendra and other horse vaccines
5. Microchipping
6. Interpretation of worm egg counts
7. Competitive priced Equine Wormers
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8. Fly and tick products
9. Bandages and other supplies
10. Horse care on your farm while you holiday

Use other providers for:
• Pre-purchase examinations
• Equine dentistry
• Farrier
• Gelding
• Major surgery
• Mortality investigation
• Radiographs or ultrasound
• Reproductive work
• Complicated medical cases needing hospital care

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Our Mission

To enhance the health of local horses and people through the provision of:
1) Education
2) Locally relevant preventative care programs
3) Appropriate treatment options for common problems
4) Recommendation and sale of equine products