Key Local Threats

Dog attack
Egg lay problems
Mareks disease
Infectious Laryngotracheitis

What can we do for you?

Poultry are usually brought to the Beacon Veterinary clinic site in Alstonville.

1. Diagnosis and treatment of illness
2. Mortality investigation including post-mortem
3. Wound management
4. Feather trimming to reduce flight
5. Prevention of egg lay for welfare reasons
6. Care of poultry on your farm while you holiday

See other providers for:
• Companion bird care such as budgies, parrots etc
• Major surgery

More Services

Our Mission 

To enhance the health of local poultry and people by provision of:

1) Education
2) Locally relevant preventative care programs
3) Appropriate treatment options for common problems
4) Recommendation and sale of products